Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Paul's Q's

1. Is the author of this book being overly simplistic?
I think this subject would be impossible to accurately talk about through generalizations, which is what I think he is doing, so yes.

2. Is the author being overly cynical?
I think he is disgruntled, and I don't think all people experience art school the way he is describing it.

3. Can you be cynical and paranoid and still be correct in your assertions concerning matters that are highly subjective?

I think you can be cynical and paranoid and have an opinion.  Whether that opinion is correct is the opinion of everyone else. 

4. Since "group think" is not only entrenched in the art world but the real world, should it not be encouraged in art school?
I think people should be encouraged to find their own interests, not to mimic what will bring financial success.

5. Does the fine arts department at Ringling College of Art and Design represent a microcosm of the Art World?
I think it attempts to do that.

6. As stated in the reading "does privileging words over visual expression encourage a narrowly didactic approach to art making?"
I think language is just another way to approach art, but it is not the art.

7. Is Automatism or any other intuitive approach discouraged in contemporary art academia?
I don't think it is discouraged, but I do think it is expected that we talk about it even if it is approached intuitively. 

8. Do you believe my work would have been better served had I not attended art college?
I don't know what your work was like before you came here, but it seems that you are making more work that you are more interested in, so I would think that is a good thing.

9. Do you believe my work to be self indulgent?
I think art is self indulgent, so yes.

10. If all art is self indulgent to a certain extent, should I not embrace this approach?
Most activities are self indulgent, but I think art serves more of a purpose once it is made because it effects other people.

11. Does the "it's all about me" approach to my work alienate you the viewer?
I think that some may feel alienated, but all communication is alienating.  We all must make our own meaning from things.

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