Tuesday, November 16, 2010

"Anti-Mainstream Museum's Mainstream Show" by Roberta Smith; 2010

Roberta Smith reviews the show "Skin Fruit" that was presented at the New Museum in the spring of 2010. She mostly speaks negatively about the show as a whole, explaining that it seemed antithetical to the ideological basis of the museum. She explains that it is poorly curated and is ultimately complacent.

Should the New Museum focus more on showing the work of artists that are less known?

Should so much attention be given to the curatorial work of a show?

Should the New Museum change their name?

"A New Boss, and a Jolt of Real-World Expertise" by Roberta Smith; 2010

Roberta Smith discusses Jeffrey Deitch's new position as the director of the Museum of Contemporary art in Los Angeles. She explains that this could be a change in the way museums choose directors: moving away from the "academically trained directors in favor of the autodidacts."

Is there something suspicious about a big New York art dealer to become the director of a museum?

Will this make the museum more exciting?

Will this make the museum more corrupt?

"Who Needs a White Cube These Days?" by Roberta Smith; 2006

Roberta Smith discusses how various groups and gallery owners have found different ways of approaching the gallery that contrasts the traditional "white cube." She explains that some spaces are more transparent, while others do not sell work at all. In the end, she explains that although many have approached the gallery differently, these examples do not usually survive for very long.

Is there something wrong with the traditional gallery space?

What does it mean for an already prominent gallery owner to create a new alternative space?

Is it important for galleries to be transparent?