Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Brittney's Questions


1.      What, if any, are the similarities/differences of a slow,
meditative medium such as drawing/painting compared to an instant
appropriation tool such as photography? Would you consider a
photograph an object, as you would a painting/sculpture?

Although drawing and painting focus on composition, I think that the edges of the frame are the most dominant things to consider within the practice of drawing.  I think, because it is quick, you can produce more images, and allow chance to effect the work.

2.      What is the “message” of a photographic record?

I think that would depend on the image.

3.      Would you consider “amateurism” when using a medium, an advantage
or a disadvantage, while producing work? For example, is
photo-realistic drawing the top of the heap? Does that
knowledge/technique get in the way of some-sort of innocence/potential
for inspiration?

For me, I think it is a disadvantage.

4.      In the film, The Blood of a Poet by Jean Cocteau, what
images/sequences of voyeurism appear in the film? Does this have a
relationship to photography as appropriation?

The images of peeking through keyholes suggest voyeurism.

5.      What does it mean psychologically when the theatre party applauds
the death of the card shark? What does it mean, when viewing it as an

I guess it seems ironic to laugh at the death of anything, but I don't take it too seriously because I don't think there is anything wrong with it.

6.      At what time does a highly personal, private, disgusting or elegant
moment or event, becomes a spectacle? (Please refer to # 4 & #5)

The moment you make it public.

7.      (Made in 1930) Jean Cocteau uses several surrealistic motifs
throughout the film, which is simultaneously intermixed with personal
iconography. What about my work is self referential, and at the same
time referencing the time in which we are living?

You are photographing personal events and people you know, and simply because of that, they refer to contemporary life.

8.      Over the past two years, I have produced an extensive archive of
images, with 35mm film only. What do you consider to be the
differences between shooting in a digital format, and any sort of film

There are many differences, such as how it looks, the process, and the way we think about it.

9.      What are your observed advantages for me using photographic processes?
You are able to capture images that happen in the moment, and can obtain so many of them.

10.     How hot is Lee Miller?
Pretty hot.

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