Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Discussion Q&A Chris, Jen


1. What is meant by a poor image?
According to the article, it is an image that usually has a low resolution and is not the original.

2. What is meant by the contemporary hierarchy of images?
Low quality vs. high quality is one hierarchy that exists.

3. What qualifies a work as experimental?
Something is experimental when it has no predetermined outcome.

4. Do you agree that poor images are poor because they are not assigned any vale from the class society of images?
I think that author is trying to describe a hierarchy of images that exists.  I do not think that because an image has a low resolution it is a less valuable image. 

5. What relevance does this have to painting?
Painting is a way to create an original image.  Painting seems to value the original.

6. How do we measure the quality of image?
I would measure the quality of the content, and whether or not i find it interesting.

7. Do you consider these qualities when constructing work?

8. What role does the human condition or the "everyday" have in your work?
I think the materials I choose are relatively "everyday."


1. What are your political concerns? Is there anything happening in the world beyond your self, that still effects you directly? Does this come into your work?

I don't really participate in political activism.  I try to be knowledgeable and bypass things I don't agree with.  I think that this comes into my work because i am trying to learn how to build things that are usually manufactured.

2. What insights should artists provide? Do you agree that poets(artists) are "uniquely suited" to "speak publicly and morally about human aspirations"?
I think that there are all different kinds of artists, and they are not all morally apt.

3. Are any artists that you know or are currently looking at, critiquing our cultural or political systems through their work? Please elaborate on why you think these people are able or aren't able to make these works…
I recently heard about the Yes Men, and they are obviously straightforwardly political.  I think because it is a collaborative effort, they can get away with more.

4. What does it mean to be politically active?
I think political activity is broad.  I think it can be anything that relates to taking a position or an opinion about something.

5. Are you able to relate to the work that I've made this year? What work? Do you relate it to any other artists or movements?
I related to your performance when you looped information on top of itself. 

6. What do you think would make my work better?
I think you have experimented a lot and have tried new things, but I think you might benefit from sticking with one thing for an extended period.

7. Do you think some of my work can be political, even if I don't say it is, or take a specific position? Is this an effective way of discussing work?
I think art is political no matter what. 

8. Does my work provide any insight?
It offers insight into the details of your everyday life.

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