Monday, October 4, 2010

"How Marina Abromavic's Red-Velvet Rope at the MoMA Works" by Mark Byrne; 2010

In this article, Mark Byrne writes about Marina Abromavic's performance The Artist is Present and how the line to see the artist is, "anything but democratic." He explains that VIP guests have priority in line over public guests.

I saw this performance at the MoMA and watched several guests sit with the artist, although I am not surprised that there was VIP access. The whole vibe of the exhibition was so serious and intense. I would not want my work to come off so pretentious and self absorbed.

Why does Mark Byrne talk about the politics of the line rather than the whole performance?

Is Mark Byrne suggesting that it would be more fair if everyone, celebrities included, had to wait in the back of the line?

How does this VIP access influence the performance?

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