Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Interview with Agnes Martin

Summary: Interview with Agnes Martin; 1997
During this video interview with Agnes Martin, she talks about topics surrounding her work. She appears a very calm, matured, and centered person that shows intense expressions with her eyes and forehead. She talks about how art is based on emotional response and personal inspiration. She laughs at the idea that art is something to intellectualize and write about. Agnes Martin mentions that music is the, “highest form of art,” because it evokes “eight times” more of an emotional response than other art forms. She repeatedly mentions that her mind is empty, and this is what allows her to recognize her inspiration. She “paints what is without cause.”
Discussion Questions: Interview with Agnes Martin; 1997

What does Agnes Martin mean when she talks about an emotional response beyond nature?
How is an emotional response measured?
Why is humility and modesty valuable?

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